Ok, let talk about impatiences! You're an Independent Artist  who has no numbers, no credits and no fanbase. You need rotations, streams and sells in order to gain these numbers.  (Pause) Marinate on these fact for a moment. 



Record Labels are not giving any deals out unless you show your work, PERIOD! Unless you know somebody, who knows somebody don't expect to get a major deal without investing in yourself and building your brand! 


What does showing work mean? Learn about Nielson Reports these are the platform that all Major Labels and Executives use to see your Radio spins and Sells. Learn about

Sound Exchange this platform keeps track of all your streaming. If your numbers arent on either of these platiforms it will NOT be looked upon as credited. This is a number game just like any other business and don't let anyone tell you different!!! Numbers mean sales and sales equal profits! THIS A BUSINESS! 


Let me tell you how the business works. The investor, which in this case, could be a Major Label, Executive, Yourself or let's just be frank anyone who has the money to build your fanbase. The fans buy your music, so guess what? No fans no sells! Keyword here is MONEY! Yes it take money to get paid for your music! I hope I didn't bust to many of you creative peoples bubble. So, if you came here thinking you would get a free ride on your looks and talents, think again!! NOTHING IS FOR FREE! 


Research successful Musician and Singers, read their stories and you will find that each one of them paid the cost to be the BOSS! They made many sacrafices, they had many failures and most importantly they where patience and put in many LOOOOONG hours to become successful at their Kraft. If you don't believe me why do you think there are only a few Super Stars? It helps if you know the right people, if you don't know them, you make them get to know you!  How do you do that? Be relivent by staying in their faces! Show them you are making numbers without them and trust me they will come knocking!! What's even better is you then are able to negotiate better deals for yourself when this happens. (Pause) Think about it! 


So our finally word to you is STOP being impatient and let us do our job! Rome wasn't built in a day and your career will not be either.  The Music Consultant Firm